STIENE is a documentary about an artist from Zwolle, Stien Eelsingh, (1903-1964) and the village of Staphorst in the province of Overijssel. Staphorst is a devout Christian farming community which has its own culture and rules on life.

Stien Eelsingh was a colourful character. Many artists and art lovers, from the big cities too, found their way to her 'white farmhouse'. Stien's soirees and exhibitions filled a need in the perception of art. Stien led her own bohemian life in Staphorst. STIENE is a documentary about two contrasting cultures that seemed to be able to co-exist quite happily.

Willem van der Linde and Kiki Amsberg were also from different 'cultures' when they risked making a documentary about Stien Eelsingh and the community of Staphorst. Willem van der Linde lives near Staphorst and has known the village since childhood, while Kiki Amsberg is a 'westerner'. Their contrasting views of the village led to this story, about bygone days seen through the eyes of today.

Press review:

Wonderful stories are told from a literally colourful past… Meppeler Courant (newspaper),

Made with respect and love … intimate tribute. Zwolse courant.